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The M’Goun range is the ideal area for a trek in unforgettable and changing landscapes while meeting the Berber population living there.

The M’Goun is the second highest Moroccan peak (4071 m) and climbing the mountain is the pinnacle of all treks in the region.


On the M’Goun foothills, you will feel in harmony with a splendid nature, in the sole company of Berber nomads grazing their flocks.

The valley of oued (river) M’Goun, South of the mountain, stretches from its spring to the outskirts of the city of Kelaa M’Gouna where the river flows into the oued Dades.

Walking along the rivers brings you a new landscape at each curve, leads you in gorges, sometimes narrow, makes you take your shoes off to cross the water, will let you walk across many mud-brick house villages and observe its life organization. Discovering this country can be adapted to your fitness level, your desire and your availabilities.


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Nature's majestic beauty, breathtaking landscapes

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A trekking in the desert

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