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The Anti-Atlas is an old mountain range in the South-Western part of Morocco and stands parallel to the High Atlas. It consists of rocky crests, stony plateaus and, in the South, floodplains. It covers almost 600 km.

The range is part of the Atlas range, and more precisely it is one of the three elements of the Moroccan Atlas -  the two others being High and Central Atlas.

The Anti-Atlas is made of several ranges: Tafraoute in the West, jebel Saghro and the ancient jebel Siroua volcano peaking at 3304m in the East. It is the most arid mountain of Morocco.

Around us : a wild and amazing nature !

A mountainous and austere region, but only in appearance. It offers many small lively details, provided we open to them with our five senses and with curiosity.

Our mule trek will mainly bring you in the Saghro range. Located in the Anti-Atlas range, between the Dades and the Draa valleys, Saghro range is the last barrier before the Sahara desert.

The chaotic scenery is made of labyrinths of dark rock, eroded plateaus, rocky cliffs, canyons protecting small hamlets and their tiny green oases. This is where the Aït Atta, a famous nomadic tribe, spend the better part of winter, living in big black goat wool tents.




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